Personal Narrative: My Environment

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environment that I have lived in has always been a stable and encouraging domain. Without my current and previous environments’ support which includes my loving family, the community, and family friends, I would not have been molded and groomed into the person I am today. The encouragement received from my environment and its internals shaped me into the loving, academically-motivated, and athletic person I am today. My family is my number one source that pushes me to be the best that I can be in every aspect of my life. They encouraged me to continue volleyball after I wanted to quit, due to making JV in 11th grade, to help me become more mentally tough and to enable me to build my endurance to later aid me in other difficult situations. …show more content…
Living in a community that features families with values allowed me to steer clear of trouble and stay on the correct path to achieve an education that will provide an excellent lifestyle. The community also placed neighborhood friends in my life that have not been anything short of a positive influence. My neighbor taught me the manners used in Texas after my move from California such as “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am” or “yes sir” and “no sir”. My neighbor reprimanded me on the notion until I programmed the words in my head to automatically say the respectful phrases. My other neighbors went out of their way to aid us in catching our dog that had ran quite a distance. Their kind act showed an abundance of selflessness which helped persuade me to became less selfish and more selfless. Also, when I drive by most of neighbors, they wave to me; this act taught me that in Texas waving to other neighbors is almost a custom. My community and neighbors’ contribution to my manners and selflessness assisted in improving my character and introduced me to “customs” that should be followed by all people sharing a common