Personal Narrative: My First Football Game

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In 2014, my football team was picked in the pre-season to be one of the front runners in our conference. We had a running back that was getting looks from Division I colleges. The first game of the year started off good and bad for the team with a victory and an injury. We were winning 31-6 in the fourth quarter. So I started playing my backup players. During the last play of the game, our third string running back was injured and later found out he fractured his foot. He was out for the season. At this point, as bad as I feel for the athlete, I’m thinking we are in good shape. Game 2 of the season ended similar to the previous game. Our second string running back went out with a season-ending injury. Although we were victorious, I …show more content…
So at this point, we are 3-0 going into to our conference opener. During our third possession of the game, we are winning 14-0 in the first quarter. On the second play of that series, our star running back goes down with a broken leg and is out for the remainder of the season. It was a huge loss for our team as we were down to our young fourth string running back and when this happened, I was certain that our season was surely not going to end how everyone thought but, athletes will surprise you. Our opponents came back and were leading 16-14 with 42-seconds left in the game. Our team was fighting to win and I will never forget those last few moments of that game. Everyone on our sideline was involved in those last few seconds from the players and cheerleaders to the people in the stands and the ones lined up on the fence watching. We went for it on 4th down and our fourth string running back broke a tackle and scored a 56 yard touchdown to win the game 20-16. The rest of the season was a battle to the end of each game. We lost only two games that year and were co-conference champions. This is an example of when everyone on the team is playing within the system. Playing within the system is reflective of the