Personal Narrative: My Interest In Spanish

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Personally, I have a very strong interest in Spanish and the unique culture that is associated with it. I generally enjoy all major aspects of the language, from speaking orally and engaging in conversations to learning new vocabulary and conjugating verbs throughout the extensive variety of forms in Spanish. I recognized from the moment that I was involved in Spanish I, way back in middle school, that this language was something that grabbed my attention and made me curious about those who speak it. Spanish is, after all, my own country’s second most popular language, so being very fluent in Spanish and bilingual is high on my list of priorities. The complexity of the Spanish language might be the factor that grabs my interest and attention …show more content…
It amazes me the amount of different forms and conjugations that a verb can have in Spanish. I am also greatly intrigued by the multitude of different holidays that outline the Spanish calendar year, such as the Día De Los Muertos, as well as the numerous festivals which help to distinguish one country’s culture from another. Due to my level of interest in Spanish, my family is planning to take a vacation to Spain itself in the coming years, something that I have yet to experience through the Spanish program but am evidently looking forward to. I believe that my grades throughout the years in my Spanish classes are a strong indicator of the considerable level of dedication and interest that I have in the language.
As a student, I am always trying to find ways to make Newtown High School a better place. I am involved in groups such as the sophomore branch of class council, which