Personal Narrative: The Moment I Had To Help People

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The moment I was born I knew that I wanted to help people. It all started with the time I saw my grandfather in the hospital with a long cylindrical tube in his throat ,I wanted to help him so I told him jokes, stories, and played cards. I‘ve worked hard to earn the many things that I planned on achieving and it wasn’t easy. I had many obstacles in my way but I persevered and in the end all of my hard work was worth it. It all started in 11th grade when I received my Gold Award, the highest achievement in Girl Scouts. The entire process took me an entire year to complete. I chose my project based off of one of my biggest passions: animals. I got my community involved on the problem of how little people know about the laws for pets. …show more content…
We designed a contract to email every fifteenth of every month. So I would email her explicitly every month with what I have done and what I was planning on doing and for some reason never got a response. My project was taking off and I realized what I was doing was making a difference for all pet owners and pets. I was so happy with what I accomplished and with what I wanted to achieve during the course of the year. So being excited about my hard work paying off, I filled out the final paperwork and emailed it to her feeling complete. She responded back so fast without a blink, saying “ You can’t get your Gold Award because we didn’t agree on what you’ve done.” I felt like she ripped my heart right out of my chest. Apparently she had other projects to advise so