Personal Responsibility with College Succes Essay

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Personal Responsibilities with College Success gen/200 Personal Responsibilities with College Success

Although some people may not be able to control events that happen in life, there are personal responsibilities concerning college success that I adhere to. It is very important for me to value education. Organization and time management is crucial because there is also a responsibility to my family and work. I have learned to appreciate all of these skills and know these steps will only better my future.
The first responsibility for me is to value education. Values interpret the way individuals choose to live and result on how things should be (Rayan, 2011). Education is something I know that will improve my life. I currently work for a chiropractor as an x-ray technician and perform additional duties in marketing and general reception. There is so much more I can offer the health industry, and education is going to help me advance in my current position. My ultimate goal is to take charge of all the administrative work at my current place of employment or obtain a new position that will utilize my skills and competencies that results in making more money. Dealing with responsibilities when it comes to college success, will open a lot of doors for me. I have a busy life just like everyone else but I still understand how important it is to have an education. I value my education tremendously. It is a huge investment with time, finances and emotions but at the same time it’s a huge step forward to a better life.
The second responsibility that is important to me is organization. It is good for me to have some type of outline on how to follow through with a project. Some argue that they have strong memorization skills, but I like to write out a list of tasks to help keep me on track. I label each task by order of importance. Each time I finish a task I feel a great sense of accomplishment. My planner is like a bible to me. I have school, family, work and my social life organized in this book. I’m finding myself to be more disciplined with this technique. Organization will take a lot of effort from me. I have to be motivated. This will help me to be productive and will also balance out my life. I firmly believe without this I would be lost.
Finally, time management is one of the biggest responsibilities concerning college success. I went to college about fourteen years ago and never completed. I have always had some excuse and time was usually the biggest issue. According to (Latuhamina , 2007), "In truth, people can generally make time for what they choose to do; it is not really the time but the will that is lacking Sir John Lubbock” (). This