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Wendy Rodriguez
Ms. Bang
English 60B
March 19, 2013
Personal Statement I am a determined individual, and I don't accept failure. I keep trying until I accomplish my goals. In my life I’ve been through many obstacles one of them was getting through high school and being involved with my community so that I can have better opportunities. I was born in Paramount, California and raised in Fontana, California. Fontana California is a large city and it’s known for having one of the windiest weathers. One of a greatest opportunities Fontana has offered me was to volunteer at the Kaiser Branch Library for six years and up to this date I’m still currently volunteering there. The Kaiser Branch Library has become a very big part of my life and it has given me the honor to become the volunteer of the year for five times in a row. My life has been full of achievements thanks to all the opportunities my community and Henry J. Kaiser high school have offered me. Even though my life has been mostly easy there have been challenges I’ve gone through like having to fundraise for my school tennis team, going to Key Club meetings and having to wake up early to go help out the community by cleaning the parks. My family has been very supportive in my life, without them I would have never strived for what I have now. Luckily my sister Giselle has always been there for me and has guided me through life. My family is very large and not that full of different cultures. Even though, my family is enormous the only family members that have always been there for me would be my parents and my sister. Fortunately, for me I’m not the first person to attend a university in my family. My parents are very educated and ever since I was little they always told me that education comes first no matter what. My parents and my sister have a really great interaction with each other no matter what happens we all stick together and try to help each other in whatever is possible. Henry J. Kaiser high school is the high school that I attended, and that has got me prepared to move on to a university. My high school was like any other particular high school, the teachers were great, the counselors gave students great advice, and my high school tried to make every student succeed for what is in their best interest. Henry J. Kaiser high school has not only given me the best of education, but it has also given me the preparation to move on to a university. Without, my high school I would have never been as prepared for a university as I am now. Henry J. Kaiser has made my life easier by giving me the knowledge to become a very successful student in any university that I will be attending. I am a dedicated, hardworking person who works well with others, I'm a people person and I really enjoy meeting and working with a lot of different people. One of the best accomplishments I’ve done in my life would be being part of the largest girls tennis teams at Kaiser High School without this achievement I would of never been as outgoing as I’m now. The Kaiser Tennis team is known for having the highest academic GPA for any team in Fontana unified school district, and it has been part of the CIF playoffs for two years. Thanks to this tennis team I received academics patch for having a GPA over 3.5. Opportunely, for me I was accepted in the team and became a very cheerful, positive person. Kaiser tennis team has not only got the best of me but it has also taught me how important it is to be committed to a team. My other great proficiency in my life would be being part of Key Club International. Key Club International is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. Key Club International is a club that helps the communities, and helps other countries that are in need.