Personalisation In Health And Social Care Essay

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A The department of Health has defined Personalisation as individuals getting support, either through statutory services, such as SCIE, (2012) “ direct payment or personal budgets”. This word is used to provide an approach to personal care and wellbeing according to individual wishes, Furthermore in providing good quality of services ensuring that it avoids stereotyping to make sure that people using it are treated fairly as individuals. Personalisation focuses on Local Government Association, (2014) individual independence working in partnership with families.

This service allows the service user to have Community Care (2008) control and choice over their lives. Moreover to live independently so as to meet their care needs through the help of care professionals; such as doctors, nurses, career and social workers. The benefit being that these professionals assist service users to make the right decisions and get support so, that their care needs are met, for example, on transport, leisure, and housing related matters.

Therefore, Personalisation empowers individual, and is about being self-determinate and self directed to control their finances the way they choose. Created Case study, Bridget has a disability, she has been living with her mother and receiving a personal budget now she lives on her own. And the
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It is very important in health and social care to communicate well. Working with other people is essential, one must be always open, honest all the time. provide Scie, (2010) good quality, and consistently relationship, and always be confident that the service user and people working with you can rely on you. It is vital to value and respect other people you are working with in providing the services. (M,2000,p.4-5)Working together as a team to achieve better