Personality/Character of a Woman Essay

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Symone’ Bowman
RLST 345 Personality/Character of a Woman On this weeks reading I was excited to read about the multiple women that were in Genesis. They were authoritative, brave, and faithful. Some of the stories were degrading at times like the story of Dinah and how she have gotten raped. The story took a little twist when her brothers respected her so much that they killed every male of the town that she was raped in. Even though that wasn’t right to kill anyone, it showed how much they loved and cherished her. Their father was very upset that they killed all the men and animals because he was scared that it would bring war to his area. They said in response to their father “Should he have treated our sister like a prostitute?” (Gen 34:31). This also shows it was clear to know that rape wasn’t the right thing to do to try and marry someone, or any matter at all. Another story I was fond of was the story found in Genesis 24. There was a man named Abraham who sent his senior servant to find a wife for his son. The servant was obedient and went on his way asking and praying to the Lord that he’ll find the right woman for Abrahams son Isaac. As soon as he she’s a woman that gave him something to drink for him & his camels, he knew she was the one. Her name was Rebekah and she was a beautiful virgin that was caring and generous to others. The servant told her family that Rebekah should go with him to be married to Isaac and her family was pleased and agreed. They…