Persuasive Essay On School Shootings

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In light, of the current events and media coverage concerning the recent school shootings, I would like to discuss why the immediate and complete banning of guns will not resolve the problem at hand. I believe that there are alternatives that would be more effective. Parents should not be worried about their child’s safety while attending school, and likewise, students should not be afraid to attend school. This is a very serious issue and emotions have escalated on each side, in which, both sides have strong opinions regarding the legalities of guns and the rights of gun owners. Unfortunately, this is not a logical solution, we cannot just simply wave away the guns and the violence disappear…if only it were that simple.
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First off, I am a gun advocate. However, gun laws need to be stricter, there should be better background checks, restrictions on magazine loads, along with more owner accountability. Let’s start with the fact that those background checks should include new guidelines to cover areas of mental illness. Secondly, I understand that there may be a hunter that prefers to hunt with a .223 rifle, but realistically, does a hunter need 20 plus rounds to take down a deer? Gun ownership should come with accountability of the owner knowing where their guns are at all times, along with keeping their guns out of the wrong hands, especially anyone with a history of mental illness. There should also be a safety course required before a gun purchase. I am a gun owner and would not object to any of the above to prevent harm to anyone. As I mentioned, this is a multifold issue, and as such, other things need to be considered and changed as well. The security at schools should be the first line of defense, let’s look at installing metal detectors at each and every school entrance, let’s make sure that they have personnel to secure the school, and let’s look at enhancing the schools with some security features like Kevlar curtains near the doors, and locks or door jamming devices that would keep a shooter from accessing the classrooms. Technology