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What is Capital Punishment? Capital Punishment is the most severe punishment in any place because of the consequence that comes with it.

Capital Punishment is also known as the death penalty. The death penalty is after somebody has received three strikes, or committed murder depending on the deal they receive from the court and judge

The importance of this is that it costs more than just putting somebody in jail, some people are wrongly convicted and killed, and there is no credible evidence that it causes the crime levels to go down.

CREDIBILITY STATEMENT: (Why should we trust you on this topic? Hint: Reference Article)
The New York Times, Death and al agree with me on this topic.

RESIDUAL MESSAGE: (Thesis with 2-3 main points)
By knowing the facts on capital punishment people will know that it is costs more then putting somebody in jail, people are wrongly convicted, and the crime level don’t go down because of it.

A. Clear Topic Sentence
Capital punishment or the Death Penalty costs millions of dollars a year more then just putting the convict in prison for the rest of their lives.

B. Information/Illustrations: Info/demonstration/explanation/counterarguments/OUTSIDE SOURCE:
According to the amount of appeals and lengthy trials costs more because of the United States flawed system having to re-evaluate and re-consider every case multiple times.

C. Concluding statement: Wrap up information and refer back to topic sentence, then transition:
The law about the death penalty should be revoked because it is costing the tax payers more money every time they execute someone and they still are not even positive if that person is the correct person being killed.

If and when the government stops the use of the death penalty like 18 states already have, then the tax payers wil keep more of their hard earned money and innocent people will stop being killed.

A. Clear Topic Sentence:
Throughout the years that the death penalty has been used 23 innocent people have been convicted and wrongfully killed because of lack of evidence and because of a mistake in the criminal justice system.

B. Information/Illustrations: Info/demonstration/explanation/counterarguments/OUTSIDE SOURCE:
Since 1978 there has been 23 innocent people murdered by government officials, yet those people are not called killers or murderers for what they have done. The New York times stated that 23 or more people have been wrongfully convicted since the law was reinstated back in1987.

C. Concluding statement: Wrap up information and refer back to topic sentence, then transition.
The Criminal Justice System has wrongfully convicted 23 or more people during the use of the death penalty and yet they still use the death penalty because they think it will stop future crime.

Does the use of the Death Penalty actually stop further crime? There has been no signs of crimes dropping since the death penalty has been reinstated.

A. Clear Topic Sentence:
Right now the death penalty has not stopped or caused crime rates to go down because of the severity of the crime needed to be committed or the amount of crimes needed to be prosecuted with death.

B. Information/Illustrations: Info/demonstration/explanation/counterarguments/OUTSIDE SOURCE:
Currently in the U.S.A. the crime rates have not gone down since the death penalty has been reinstated into the law. According to the states without the death penalty have a lower murder rate compared to the states with the death penalty. This is saying that the death penalty actually causes people to murder.

C. Concluding statement: Wrap up information