Persuasive Speech: How Much Sugar Is Bad For You?

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To persuade my audience “Why surfeit sugar is bad for you? “

Main idea:
• Differences between healthy sugar and unhealthy sugar
• Proper intakes of sugar
• Consuming too much sugar can lead to obesity and type two diabetes
• What are the way to avoid way too much sugary food
Central Idea: Too much sugar can lead toward obesity and increases the chance of getting type two diabetic. Introduction:
a) According to health special the average American consumers
• 150 hamburger each year
• 56 gallon of soda
• Over 200 orders of French fries

b) The statistics shows that 2/3 of American are obese 1/3 of them are diabetic or pre-diabetic and the top two early death cause by sugar which is cancer and heart failure (“Public Health: The Toxic
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(Today I will talk about some of the major causes of the sugar over consumption and the negative side effects of taking too much sugar)

Body: US became the most sugar consuming country in the world right now.
a) An average American consumes more then 150 lbs. sugar per year.
b) Many of us in this room are immigrants
• If we think back our home country how big is a soda cup compare to the soda cups sizes in US, the US soda cups are surprisingly gigantic.
• Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi there advertising of their product has an huge effect to increase their sale.
• A use of different color on the cups/bottles takes your attention and makes your feel you stomach.

(But do all the sugars are bed for you health? Should you stop eating sugar at all?)

Body: There are two types of sugar
a) Types of
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Body 3:
The author of the “Lick the sugar habit and lick the sugar habit and sugar counter” by Nancy Appleton, Ph.D. she came up with 146 reason why sugar could be bad for your health through her research.

a) A type two diabetic is one of the common diseases that causes because of consuming high level of sugar.
• Typically it associated with adults and among children and leaving them defenseless to heart and kidney disease, blindness and stroke at ages as young as 30(Newsday)
b) Weight gain because of drinking too much sugar
• Increases the chance of getting Brest cancer
• Heart failure
• Cancer
Body 4: Changing the amount of sugary food limit is depends on individual
a) However, it could be changed if they’re the switch between the price of healthy food and the unhealthy food because usually unhealthy foods are cheaper then the healthy food.
b) Make nutrition facts more noticeable.
c) All types of natural sugars are good for the