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Persuasive Speech Assignment (Total 100 points)

I. Speech Performance (80 points)

1. Your speech should be based on a question of policy which solves a controversial problem (of national importance) and to persuade your audience that your solution is the best possible one (Please see the attached “Possible Persuasive Speech Topics based on Questions of Policy”--however, you do not have to select one of these topics if you have better idea. It is just for your reference).

2. Speech length: 6-8 minutes

3. The speech should be organized according to Monroe’s motivated sequence.

4. In the body of the speech, you should aim for three major points.

5. Minimum of five quality sources are required for this speech assignment
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_____ The speech is clear and loud enough to be easily heard

_____ Maintain a strong eye contact

_____ Speak extemporaneously without relying on your notes (i.e., Don’t read the notes).
_____ The speaker’s rate of delivery is smooth and easy to follow

_____ The speaker use much vocal variety and inflection to emphasize the points (i.e., vocal dynamic) _____ Avoid vocal mannerisms (“uhs,” “ums,” and “you know”)

_____ Show proper nonverbal behavior (e.g., avoid leaning on the podium, sticking your hands in the pocket, fidgeting, etc.)

*Note: Monroe’s motivated sequence

Sample Preparation Outline for Policy Persuasive Speech
*Be sure your outline contains all of the elements of speech structure (i.e., attention, need,…) (labeled in left margin) and fulfills organizational requirements of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. Preparation Outline

Topic: To Save a Child
General purpose: To persuade
Specific purpose: To persuade my audience to help children by contributing to Compassion International
Central Idea: Contributing to an organization such