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Persuasive Essay The legalization of drugs when it is limited to only marijuana is a good thing because of the savings, financial gains, tax revenue, and the ability to make the lifestyle choice to use the plant as you wish just like smokers of tobacco and drinkers of alcohol. The use of marijuana has evolved from the days of using the plant for religious rituals of the Indians, the use of it just because in the 20th century, and to now the use of it in a medical environment. The plant is used now to help patients with anxiety issues, A.I.Ds wasting patients and people who suffer from little appetite and glaucoma. The newfound uses for marijuana have given many people who would suffer in life the chance to have stability and ease in their day to day lives. Another good reason for the legalization of marijuana is the $8.7 billion that would be saved because of the lift of the prohibition on marijuana. The legalization would lessen the amount of inmates in the already overcrowded jails because the lower amount of people being jailed for the possession of marijuana. A reduction in the number of prosecutorial and judicial resources and most important of all it allows police to not worry about possessor and work harder at looking for the violent and dangerous criminals on the street Therefore not only would the savings be at the prosecutorial section of the country it would help the economy as a whole being that it is the U.S’s leading cash crop bringing more money than the value of wheat and corn combined which make