Petroleum and United Kingdom Essay

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Project:Oil and Petrol
Agata Andryszczak

A. Introduction
The Oil and Petrol project provides an overview of the petroleum sector in the United Kingdom, identifying the major petrol companies in the United Kingdom such as BP British Petroleum, headquartered in London. There is also information on the structure of the UK petrol sector, including the processes of exploration, extraction, refining and transporting.
This paper explains as well the meaning and the objective of The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) which aims to secure stable prices for petroleum producers.
Finally, as a part of solid conclusion, the potential of the major petrol companies in the United Kingdom will be presented.

B. The major petrol companies in the United Kingdom

B.1 Description
The Petroleum is crucial to many organizations, it maintains the industrial civilisation itself. There are several petrol companies which operate in the United Kingdom. The major petrol corporation in the area of United Kingdom is BP British petroleum. BP British Petroleum known worldwide, is 3rd largest global oil business in the world measured by revenues. BP has operations over 80 countries, producing 3.8 million barrel of oil per day. It has 22400 service stations as ARCO, BP Connect, Aral, AMPM all around the world. BP operates in locations along the entire length of the United Kingdom. BP`s UK exploration and production business is based in Aberdeen and accounts for 10% of the company`s global production. The assets include 45 producing fields, 33 platforms and 10 pipeline systems. BP`s Fuels Value Chain and retail business based in Milton Keynes provides the support and skills needed to 1200 BP service stations in the United Kingdom which sell a range of high quality fuels such as BP ULTIMATE. BP has long been the country`s largest provider liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). With over 1300 service stations, BP does not only offer a range of BP fuels, their BP Connect and Wild Bean Café retail stores provide hot food and coffee to the hungry motorist. The BP`s business is focused on satisfying the customer`s range of needs such as LPG, Solar electric system and also Air BP. The main example of BP`s business activity is the installation of 4MWp of solar electric system in the UK including solar panels on office buildings. When talking about the Air travel, Air BP supplies over 26 million tonnes of aviation fuels at over 1200 locations. Furthermore, Air BP is one of the largest suppliers of lubricants to the aviation industry. To conclude, BP is one of the barometer companies of the British economy. It possesses 13.3 % of the market share and its total production equals to 3240 thousand barrels per day. Due to this, the BP`s successes and failures are likely to be visible in the UK economy as a whole. Chevron Texaco, another large petrol business has been operating in the United Kingdom for more than 80 years. As a prior energy business, the industry develops, produces petroleum and natural gas. The Chevron Texaco is an active force in the UK society, fuelling industry and taking part in many community and environmental projects. Nowadays, there are more than 1300 service stations which are operated under franchise network. Chevron employs more than 1000 people in the United Kingdom. Its refinery is located at Pembroke and is producing 3.5 million gallons of petrol per day. The major advantage of Chevron is service to automotive, commercial, industrial markets across the whole UK. Chevron` s commercial sales department provides fuel into the UK inland market via direct and wholesales channels. Market segments that are supplied include motorists, local authorities, schools, buying groups, transport and domestic households. These are reached via six channels such as authorised distributors, equity distributors, hypermarkets, unbranded resellers, tender and telemarketing. Summing up, The