7-Step Credit Card Purchase Process

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Phase One: Individual Project
Wed Falah Hasan
ENGL101-1304B-25: Composition & Critical Thinking
Professor Kenneth Saldivar

The 7-Step Credit Card Purchasing Process This document outlines the step-by-step procedures for a credit card purchase at my work. It will include a description of each of the steps that must be followed, in order, at the Point-of-Sale transaction. This process is quite simple but it does require some time to get used to it. If not correctly, it can create some problems for both the customer and our company. It is important to follow and do each step correctly to prevent any mistakes.

Step One: in this first step the customer (She or He) hands me the credit card or debit card. Step Two: swipe the credit card by making sure if its credit or debit, if it is debit ask the customer to enter theirs pin. Step Three: Give for the customer card back. Step Four: Enter the correct amount in the keypad and hit enter. Step Five: wait till processing the card and automatically will Print receipt for the customer to sign. Step Six: take singed receipt from customer. Step Seven: by hitting enter again, will print customer receipt and give it to them. In summary, as it has been outlined above, it is imperative to ensure that each credit card transaction is done correctly each and every time in order to prevent embarrassing mistakes. Very important that to get each transaction correct by the amount and customer information as well. As much as we can