Philippines: Sociology and Filipino Culture Essay

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The Philippines Cultural values
Filipino culture is characterized by openness to the outside which easily incorporates foreign elements without the basic unconsciousness of one culture core. Filipino characteristics such as out warm and person orientation out devotion to family, our sense of joy and humour as part of our culture and reinforce
Strengths of the Filipino Charter
Pakikipagkapwa-tao is demonstrated in the Filipino’s ability to emphasize with other, in helpfulness and generosity, in times of need (pakikiramay), in the practice of bayanihan or mutual u, and in the famous hospitality. It results in camaraderie and a feeling of closeness to one another. It is the foundations for unity as well as sense of social justice. Filipinos posses a sensitivity to people’s feelings (pakiramdam), pagtitiwala or trust, and a sense of gratitude or utang na loob.
Family Orientation
Concern in the family is manifested in the honour and respect given to parents and elders, in the case given to children, the generosity towards kin in need, and in the great sanctifies on involves for the welfare of the family. This sense of family orientation results in a feeling of belonging and rootedness and in a basic sense of security.
Likewise, educator must be alert in term of sense of security. The significant roles of the media for instances, signalled the problems faced by the children against their parents whom their expect to give the best security, get the cases of child abuse,