Philosophical and Ethical Essay

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Because of the growth of America Public school is that school curriculum is not at freewheeling affair, some academic structure is required to assure us that what educators and the school boards are doing what is in the best interest of our children. Therefore, when we turn to the academic threads that joins the curriculum this will make it easier to comprehend our decision and to face head on what is intended when speaking on educational experiences. Understanding the qualification discussed throughout this course regarding the dangers of imposing too much will on the curriculum.
The term curriculum was added to educators' vocabularies, it has seemed to convey many things to many people. To some, curriculum has denoted a specific course, while to others it is referred to as the entire educational environment. While perception of the term may vary, it should be acknowledged that curriculum encompass more than a uncomplicated definition. Curriculum is a key factor in our educational development; its scope is extremely large, and it touches practically everyone who is involved with teaching and learning.

In no other area has greater emphasis been placed upon the development of curriculum that is appropriate in terms of student and community needs and substantive outcomes. The career and technical curriculum focuses not only on the educational development but also on the tangible outcome of that process. This is only one of many reasons why the differences between subjects centered and is distinctive in relation to other curricular areas and why student centered curriculum planners should have a good understanding of the curriculum development process.

The difference between student-centered and standard-based classrooms is both philosophical and ethical.…