Philosophy 220 Online, Moral Issues: Midterm Take-Home Exam

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Philosophy 220 Online, Moral Issues
Midterm Take-Home Exam
Due Date:
Your take-home exam is due on Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 11:55 pm EST.
Late policy:
Late submissions will not be accepted unless a documented excuse of sufficient weight is provided (e.g., a medical emergency).
You must submit your work online through the Midterm Exam folder in the LEARN Dropbox.
Please note carefully that only ONE file will be accepted to the Dropbox. Therefore, you must not use the Dropbox to store drafts or otherwise incomplete versions of your work. Use only supported browsers to submit your work. See below for detailed instructions on preparing online submissions and using the LEARN Dropbox.
The following pieces of information MUST be on the front page of your assignment:
• Full Name
• Student ID Number
• Course Name and Number
• Name of Assignment: i.e., “Midterm Exam”
• Date
Note on plagiarism:
Passing off the work of others as your own constitutes plagiarism and is a serious offence. All suspected cases of plagiarism are referred to the Associate Dean's office. See the Faculty of
Arts webpage on Ethical Behavior for important information on plagiarism and other academic offences. See below for instructions on appropriate methods of citation for your essay.

This exam is composed of three short essay-style questions (choose 3 of the 4 questions below). Each answer should be between 450 - 600 words (approximately 1.5 - 2 pages, doublespaced). Completed exams must be no longer than six pages. Text must be double-spaced and written in a 12 point font. Margins must be at least 1 inch wide. Text written beyond six pages will not be marked.
Introductions and conclusions are not necessary. Full referencing is required (see below).
Answers must be written in complete sentences. Point form answers will not be graded.
Exam Questions:
Select 3 of the 4 pairs of authors below and for each pair:
• Identify each author’s position on the topic;
• Summarize two key reasons they provide for their views;

State which view you more strongly agree with;
Give at least one specific reason (in the form of a brief argument) for favouring that view.

1. Narveson (MM ch. 3) and Foot (MI pp. 7-28) on euthanasia
2. Narveson (MM ch. 4) and Hurka (MI pp. 120-131) on capital punishment
3. Narveson (MM ch. 6) and Singer (EI pp. 26-35) on the moral status of animals
4. Narveson (MM ch. 10) and Naess (EI pp. 86-97) on the topic of the moral importance of nature/the environment

Use in-text citations of the (author, abbreviated title of text, page #) format whenever you directly quote, paraphrase, or otherwise represent ideas from the relevant course text—e.g. (Narveson,
MM, p. 5). If you refer to the lecture notes, use an in-text reference to indicate which lecture—
e.g. (Narveson, L2). Use only relevant course materials—i.e., do not use outside sources.
Guidelines for Submitting Papers Online
• Only the following file types will be accepted: Rich Text Format (.rtf); Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx)
• Be sure to save your assignment in an appropriate folder or on your desktop for easy retrieval. • Ensure that the name of your file does not include special characters such as symbols or punctuation. Such characters may cause