Philosophy: Democracy and Social Democratic Government Essay

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The argument that will be addressed through this debate is whether a social democratic government is beneficial for the people. Social democracy implements a political ideology that advocates a diplomatic, evolutionary transition of society from capitalism to socialism. Social democracy originated as a political movement in Germany. The word democracy is derived from two Greek words; demos + kratia, which means people and government. The word ‘social’ is itself a non-political term because all vital benefits are shared in a manner in which no one tries to advance in life at the expense of others.

Social democratic government operates to satisfy the needs of its citizens to advocate a peaceful state in an effort to abolish the struggles that society endures to develop a happy and unified state. Democrats believe in the possibility and virtue of collective action for the collective good. Their actions make many people satisfied with their way of living because of their contributions, establishment of rights and protection. In addition to their, support and financial care for the lower class, results in class explosion which satisfies the natural law.

Social democratic countries have been shown to have significantly higher citizen satisfaction rates. The government satisfies the citizens chosen natural laws, therefore resulting in happier citizens. The Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) show that happiness levels are highest in northern European countries. Countries such as Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands are rated at the top of the list, following sequentially. Interestingly, these three countries have led the list as the world's happiest countries for several years. They are social democratic countries with minimal poverty as a result of increased involvement from their governments. German political philosopher and socialist Edward Bernstein pioneered the notion that all-out class struggles were not foreseeable and that a diplomatic, non-revolutionary road to socialism was both possible and desirable. Many opponents are surprised that citizens under a social democratic government are satisfied, when democracy is known for its stability, decisiveness and efficiency. It is fundamentally based on principles of equality, class exploitation, and support, which ultimately formed on the opinion of the people. A scientific investigation, led by Professor Bruno S. Frey, has brought to light that direct democracy, as a form of government and society, is most suitable for humans. In addition, it produces peace, freedom and justice in a sustainable way and it gives the citizens a chance for direct political involvement and authority. The citizens receive proper health treatment, and nurturing tenderness from their doctors. Ultimately they have a positive reputation for their health care system, which appeals attractive to other countries. Therefore social democracy is a beneficial form of government.

To counter the following arguments, the citizens under social democratic countries still encounter many problems, with their lifestyles; therefore citizens are not entirely pleased with their lives. Natural Laws are an individuals’ sacred right to receive all the fundamental help in order to sustain one’s self and to eventually become an asset to society. Through the neglected natural law, in the social democratic flawed system, minority and needy citizens are still struggling. But if some of the people are not receiving their natural law rights such as critical health treatments, it is wrong to state all citizens are pleased. The statement is vague and needs to be redefined because the health care system despite that it being free; still requires a process that takes an extensive amount of time in order to receive proper medical treatment. Severe conditions that require extensive surgery such as kidney transplants, liver transplants, and hip replacements, all take an extensive period of