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Explain the biblical beliefs about the attributes of God (25 marks) The main source we use to discover the attributes of God is the Bible. From the Bible we learn that the 3 main qualities of God. He is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. The word omnipotent means all powerful and this literally means that God can do anything. A quote from the Bible to prove this is from Jeremiah 32:17: “You have made the heavens and the Earth by your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for you”.
However, to what extent God has power has been disputed. Thomas Aquinas believed that
God could do anything as long as it was logically possible (for example God could not make a four sided triangle). He also believed that God could not change what had already happened or force us to choose freely. Instead of seeing this as a problem he simply said that something such as square circles are simply sentences with no meaning. Descartes disagreed and said
God could literally do anything; even the logically impossible. However, no matter whose idea you agree with, both still support God being extremely powerful, and this is the message that the Bible is trying to get across, when it refers to God as being omnipotent. Someone who can create a fantastic and prosperous Universe such as our world surely must be powerful. The concept of omnipotence is also extremely important in supporting the other attributes of God.
For example, to be omniscience requires create power and authority, as does omnibenevolence. The fact that God is omnipresent simply means he is everywhere and in every moment. including past, present and future. This is shown in the Bible as ‘I am with you always’ is repeated many times throughout the old and new testament and in Genesis 1 God’s spirit is
“hovering over the oceans”. The concept of omnipresence links to his omniscience. If God is present everywhere then he is obviously going to know about everything that happens. Also, it links to his omnipotence, as to be everywhere makes God powerful…