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Phoenix Advertising Interoffice Memorandum

Date: January 3, 2015
To: Moe Frans;Managing Director; Susan Larr;Planning Director; Janet Frontina; Creator Director
From: Deann Snyder; Vice President of Human Resources
Subject: Roanoke Branch Update

In recent months, the Roanoke branch has been experiencing many problems. After a change in management, the graphic arts and copywriters have made it obvious that their work is no longer being recieved well. Although it is not completely clear, this employee is upset and maybe the cause of the complaints that the branch has recieved by the four of its clients. This matter demands immediate attention, as the Roanoke branch services some of the companies' most valuable clients and this is important to the overall success.

It is very vital that the executive team contact the Roanoke branch employees to oversee the operations. Janet Frontina should speak with the graphicdesigners and copy writers to analyze the work they have submitted and the revisions that were made by their art director. Moe Frands needs to consider the newaccounts that the branch has taken on recently and verify their ability to generate revenue. Susan Larr should develop a plan for the new accounts by creating a timeline for the project workload that is currently causing the staff to work long hours. I will oversee the