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My favourite photos
I like taking photos where people are obvlivious to me. I am recording day to day living. I like catching peoples expressions and showing true life, people are they really are, either happy or sad, together or alone. I like candid shots because they're not posed or forced but totally natural. It portrays ordinary life. I feel a lot of photographs are fake and i like the idea of taking photos which are totally natural and catching people in their natural environments. I also like taking photos of people because i find it interesting to catch them unaware. I feel you can interpretate the photos however you want as you don't know the person or their life story. I find it scary how much we imagine we know about the people and how we judge them on their appearences. We actually know nothing and when you look back at the photos it makes you think how little we do know. On the otherhand, sometimes a candid photograph is such a strong representation of how someone appears to be feeling that the photo speaks for itself. I think a lot of people act differently in real life when they're aware they are having their photo taken. That is why i love this type of photos because they can't put on an act as they do not know the photo is being taken. I took these photos on a 400mm zoom lens so the subjects were some distance from the camera. I have tried to capture people at ease in their normal lives, whether at work or at leisure because this always