Physical and Psychological Needs of a 3 Year Old Essay

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In order for a three year old child to be physically, emotionally and psychologically healthy childcare centres or parents/carers should fulfil their child’s physical needs together with psychological needs. We are going to point out and discuss on a three year old child’s physical and psychological needs and how they can affect the child’s physical, emotional and psychological health. A three year old child needs to be well fed, given ample of rest and should be encouraged doing physical exercise. They should also be given precautions of safety everywhere. For a child to be clean, childcare centres or parents/carers should reinforce personal hygiene in a child’s daily routine. A child needs to be emotionally and psychologically strong to …show more content…
Most vitamins come from fruits and veggies. And some fruits and carbohydrates contain fibre which eases food digestion in the body. Carbohydrates together with fats give energy to the body which can be used during play. Proteins and minerals help the body to grow and repair any damaged body cells. A well-balanced diet psychologically activates the mind and the children can easily understand and reason out. Childcare centres should provide well-balanced meals for the children during lunch hours. They should also provide healthy snacks during short-break periods. They should make sure that the foods they give the children should be fresh, not stale as it can cause food poisoning.

Children should be given at least a couple of hours to rest during the day. They should not be forced, rather should be allowed to take a nap as their body and mind could be given some time to rest. Working or playing the whole day can physically weaken the body and the mind. When children are provided with good sleep they tend to fall less sick than those who are deprived of sleep because “Good sleep is as important as good nutrition!” (Greenbaum, 2013). Three year old children should at least require twelve to thirteen hours of sleep as this can provide a healthy immune system. When children are deprived of sleep it may affect their behaviour and body functions such as healing and growth. Children’s minds also tend to slow down