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Bullying amongst friends on the playground

Three students are on the playground at an elementary school.
Teddy is an eight year old who is overweight and a little big for his size. Teddy is the baby of his family and can do no wrong. He thinks everyone should follow his lead and listen to him.
Bobby is quite the opposite he is short and small built he also wears glasses and secondhand clothes. His parents are very poor and tried to treat all their children the same. Bobby is very quiet and tries to stay out of the limelight; he is a very kindhearted boy who tends to be picked on because of this.
Kevin is a normal sized and looking eight-year-old who comes from a middle-class family. Kevin is friendly with everybody; he is not a bully normally and is just a goodhearted boy
These three boys were once friends and were all playmates. As they changed in appearance, and attitudes: because they all came from different backgrounds, their friendship shifted.
As Kevin and Teddy are walking on the playground they see Bobby struggling with his backpack walking a little ahead of them. Teddy starts laughing and says come on let’s have some fun with Bobby, he's such a weakling he don't even know how to play ball or any sport he such a girl. And with that Teddy and Kevin start saying things to Bobby as they run up on him.
Teddy: hey four eyes you can’t even play football you are so puny- right Kevin?
Kevin: that's right when are you going to grow and be normal like us?
Teddy: he never will, he will always be a four eyes and throw like a girl.
Bobby is very hurt because he and Kevin have growing up as friends and now Kevin is turning against him too. Bobby puts his head down and tries to walk away.
Teddy: where you going puny? You're so stupid you can even throw a ball. Teddy pushes Bobby and Bobby falls to his knees, Bobby tries to hide his tears from the bully.
Kevin walks up and kicks Bobby backpack causing papers to blow away. As Kevin watches this you can see the hesitation on his face it is as if he doesn't quite know what to do, Teddy is his friend and he has always followed Teddy's lead.