Pico Iyer's Where Worlds Collide

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Everyone on this planet looks at the world and all the crazy situations inside of it differently due to the fact that your culture, the way you are raised, and the things you were taught to believe in sculpts your perspective on everything and you then form your own opinions on things. If that doesn’t make sense, try to imagine that every human being has their own personalized goggles that they see the world through. No one will ever see certain situations like you do and you won't be able to see certain situations like other people unless you have similar cultures and beliefs. "An Indian Father's Plea" by Robert Lake, which is a letter written by a concerned parent to a teacher, "Where Worlds Collide" by Pico Iyer, which is a narrative
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It is not often that people see eye to eye on everything, but a conflict based on culture and how they differ from each other is pretty rare. In "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan, Jing-mei and her mother have a disagreement on the American Dream and what it actually means. Jing-mei's culture and her mother's culture are very different. Jing-mei's mother grew up in Korea and has a different perspective on the American Dream and how to take advantage of it. To her, it was an opportunity to become great and successful. Her thought process is that you need to capitalize on the opportunities given to you. Jing-mei was born in San Francisco and has a totally different view point on the American Dream. To her, it means that you can be whatever you want to be and that you can be yourself. Jing-mei's mother was pushing Jing-mei to be something that she didn’t want to be. Her mother was trying to make her a prodigy pianist, actress, and Brainiac. Jing-mei didn’t want to do any of those things and her mother didn’t care because of the way she was raised. "Why don’t you like me the way I am? I'm not a genius. I can't play piano and even if I could, I wouldn’t go on TV if you paid me a million dollars" (Tan 20). Following that statement, her mother slapped her. That was the climax of the conflict as Jing-mei stood up for herself and it back fired completely. The differing cultures and beliefs led to conflict because they both see