Plant: Photosynthesis and Leaf Essay

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Photosynthesis is a process that is used by plants; for this process to happen we need, energy from the sunlight (or light source) is absorbed by chloroplasts (the green substance in the chlorophyll). Carbon dioxide diffuses into the leaves, goes from a high area of carbon dioxide, to a low area of carbon dioxide. Water enters the plant by moving through the roots, up the stem and through the rest of the plants.
All this allows glucose to produce between the reaction of carbon dioxide and water.

To discover if photosynthesis has taken place, the easiest method is to check if starch has been produce in the leaves.
The equipment you will need;
Goggles for eye protection
Beaker for boiling the water
Tweezers to remove the leaf from the water tube White tile
Pour boiling water from the kettle into the beaker. Place your chosen leaf inside the beaker, leave the leaf inside the beaker with boiling water for 2 minutes, this is done to stop all chemical reactions and break open the cell walls.
Use the tweezers to remove the leaf from the water, and place it inside a tube. Take a few drops of ethanol and drop it inside the tube, on the plant. The leaf is placed in warn ethanol to remove the chlorophyll, so the final results are easier to observe.
Use the tweezers again, to remove the leaf and place the leaf in warm water. The leaf is dipped into the warm water to soften it and remove the ethanol.
Use the tweezers again to place the leaf on the