Plato's The Allegory Of The Cave

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The Allegory of the Cave consists of a perspective on life and expanding his knowledge on the subject of humanity, life, and the world. Plato, the creator of the allegory, uses many rhetorical devices, style, and techniques. He metaphorically describes the society that is captured in fear and is hiding from the truth. Their ideal life in the cave where they are tied up and have only the view of the fire and the shadows coming from the world has now become their reality. The rhetorical devices that he expresses often are allusion and rationalism.
“The prison-house is the world of sight, the light of the fire is the sun, and you will not misapprehend me if you interpret the journey upwards to be ascent of the soul into the intellectual world according to my belief, which, at your desire, I have expressed whether rightly or wrongly God knows.” He expands on the idea of being trapped and what is viewed in front of them has now become sane through their eyes. Our world is what we create. Those who chose to live hidden and away from physical existence, then that’s their world. The ones that stay in a cave, looking at the shadows passing and the fire burning for their entire existence, then that’s
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The mindset that people carry on involving avoiding the world isn’t what should be passed down. We have the power to do what we want no matter what politics or the government is telling you. “Being Trapped” is just an excuse to avoid the truth. We are all raised in this illusion but it’s our choice to be able to avoid the illusion and just live without having our fears being on top our heads. We are so blunt thinking there's no way out of this misery and nothing exist other than darkness, but we are wrong thinking this whole existence is wrong and feeling the need to fear it. This whole world is up to us and we shouldn’t fear the power within our hands because it’s quick to lose