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“Freedom’s Twins” essay The men of beta theta pi are given freedom within the chapter, a privilege that should not be taken for granted. This freedom is essential for all proper conduct and well-being of individuals. Even the idea of freedom has been fought for countless times throughout history and an uncountable number of men have died fighting for it. Freedom has to be instilled in our chapter but the betas need to be wary of this essay. The men need to have responsibility, discipline, common sense, gentleness, and purpose in order for our chapter to properly function. Without those attributes, freedom is wasted and our house declines. My parents were intelligent and thinking people who decided to raise me with almost absolute freedom. Usually if a child is given this freedom then that child abuses it and is instilled with poor morals. My parents instilled me with responsibility, discipline, common sense, gentleness, and purpose and then gave me that freedom so I could grow properly. When I was older and I wanted to do something that normal parents would deny, my parents allowed me to because they trusted that I would not abuse my freedom. Always make sure that you are living with those key values and every choice you make has purpose. I think that is the most important twin with freedom. Every other twin has to do with morality but purpose is often lost. I think people today often have the correct morals when it comes to freedom but just because something isn’t wrong…