Poem Analysis: The Open Boat

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1) Theme: A general idea, topic, or point of a story. For example the theme in the story “The open Boat” is about four men who are struggling in the small boat trying to make it to the shore by fighting a big storm. The struggle in this story was men vs. nature, how each man in the story felt helpless against the wave of the nature. Struggling to survive was like a test for each one of them, it was either they work together as a team to pass this storm to get to the shore alive or they die within the sea. In my perspective the only hard worker was oiler, but sadly oiler was the only one out of the 4 men that died before he gets to the shore.

2) First-person narrator: An Author who chose to tell a story from the point of view. For example
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For example the symbol in the story “A Wall of Fire Rising” represents a hot air balloon. The hot air balloon symbolizes for the guy in the story a freedom. He thinks by getting in the hot air balloon that he is going to able to escape from his miserable life and find the better life that he was dreaming about.

4) Epiphany: Is the moment in the story where the character achieves a realization or a new light of an event in the story. For an example the epiphany in the story “Cathedral” is when the narrator stop judging Robert of his blindness and see epiphany in Robert’s point of view when he take his hand and show him what the Cathedral look like through his drawing that he made.

5) Flashback: Is an event from the past in order to provide background to the current events in the narrative. For example the flashback that was mentioned in the story “Sonny’s Blues” was when Isabel who is the narrator’s mother was talking to her son about how to be there for his brother Sonny. Isabel told a flashback story about how her husband’s brother was killed when a group of white men ran him down with a car. The mother tells that story to her son because she sense that Sonny might be in