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After reading your poem “How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways,” I realized how much emphasis society puts on finding one’s true love. Falling in love has become a top priority in peoples’ lives. Women are expected to fall madly in love with men to raise families and be provided for; therefore, women are continuously anticipating falling in love at younger and younger ages. As young teen girls begin to fall in love for the first time, the intensity of a serious, mature relationship with young teen boys brings passion to young lovers. You explain how, “I love thee…/with my childhood’s faith,” exposing how easily convinced people are to fall in love with someone no matter what age because the pressures of society (9). Young children’s beliefs are constantly changed and reformed because children’s opinions are influenced easily by media and others in society. In addition, children’s imaginations allow them to believe in fantasy objects and situations attempting to make love a realistic idea. Children view falling in love as a fairytale, and society trains one another to believe everyone will find someone and live happily ever after. We portray love as a fairytale anyone can achieve even though love is an abstract idea. I enjoy the way you attempt to explain how much you love someone because you strive to help people to understand how love feels although love has no limitations and is extremely abstract. The stanza, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways,” puts a boundary on love (1). Counting the ways to love someone creates a limit allowing people to picture how one feels falling in love. Children begin counting at a young age, and by connecting love to counting people imagine love to be simple and straightforward. Two plus two is always four, and people understand there is a clear answer creating a concrete idea of love. In addition, you exemplify how dependent someone is on the person they love. By writing, “I love thee to the level of every day’s/most quiet need” you show people the person one falls in love with is their whole world (5). A person cannot function properly without the one they love because they cannot even complete and receive their simple daily needs. I disagree with this line because it permits society to become completely dependent and attached to the one they love. This stanza teaches people they should rely on someone else to please them, and it teaches society they need someone else to be happy. Becoming independent and a strongly self-motivated