Police Brutality Research Paper

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The Killings Of Police Brutality
So far this year how many people have been killed? 173 African Americans are targets of Police Brutality. Police Brutality is becoming more common as if they don't have a heart. Many times African Americans are afraid or apprehensive to see a police car behind them. Historically speaking, blacks are seen with their hands up and on their knees meaning? . They are not a threat to the police, yet end up getting shot and murdered. Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and Sandra Bland were all innocently murdered by police. The fact that there are videos of the madness proving their innocence provides no justice for any of those who were killed. There was no punishment for the officers killing innocent people. No one was
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There are ways to fight Police Brutality without violence which include social media, protest, and organizations. During the time police brutally was all over social media. “Blacks and whites came together and marched on sunday in. Baton Rouge, 100 people were arrested due to blocking the freeway” (Garner 1). Earlier that sunday hundreds of people were marching in Baton Rouge and it became a standoff between the police and machers. The day Alton Sterling was shot and killed 2,000 people marched all day long. Historically speaking August 28, 1963 Martin Luther King marched and did his “I Have A Dream Speech”. Police pulled out their batons and beat people during the protest (David 1). Brutally hurting us spraying us with water hose, withdrawing their guns threatening us to stand down. Martin Luther King was arrested during the protest for staying facts and telling the truth. Several protest went on …show more content…
It's making us as humans feel unsafe when the police are called upon. We have protest and marched, did nearly everything in our will not to react with violence. Justice must be severed things must change in order for this killing to stop. Killing humans must lead to a punishment. The police have too much control and power of the gun wheel. Officers are told to shoot their gun when in danger or threaten. The beat us pend us down and we move one inch the police decides to shoot. Twitter took a strong incarceration of the killing, sharing pictures of people with signs up saying we want justice. Breaking the white science going live on Facebook and Instagram as the community starts to come together and speak up. NBA all star speaks out at bet awards to make justice be known and show what's really going on. Hall of famer Michael Jordan even speaks us about the nonsense is getting out of hand. Now the police have to watch out for themselves because of what they have been doing. The shootout in Dallas with a sniper rifle on the roof firing off rounds hitting a couple of officers and, killing most of them. All due to the frustration coming from the dangerous killing. The police manage to kill the shooter on the roof which was a black male. The news steps in to help the protest go viral. As there are thousands of police marching and standing outside of the stations with big boards saying #blacklivesmatter.