Police Misconduct Essay

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Police Misconduct
Amanda Stasiewicz
Professor Harvey Smith

Police brutality is a major issue in today’s society. I would define police brutality no different than what it really is which is when an officer uses physical force with an intent to harm(Grant & Terry, 2008). Police brutality is not only physical though there is also verbal brutality. If an officer yells at you, calls you names, or uses profanity towards you for no reason than it is a form of verbal brutality. If an officer lays hands on you and uses excessive force purposely when it is not needed than it is considered physical brutality. A lot of police officers believe they can get away with it and it simply boils down to them having a little power and taking advantage of it which leads to my next point.
Police brutality is not the only problem we have. We also have police corruption and misconduct and all three of these things normally go hand in hand with each other. They have a relationship they share which is normally because when one is present another is also being performed. Police corruption is the misuse of authority by an officer(Grant & Terry, 2008). This is where an officer allows the little bit of power that they have get to their heads and take advantage of it. They believe they can do what they want and get away with it. When this happens normally police brutality is not far behind.
There are a few different things that could be done to prevent all of this