Police State Essay

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In a country where power lays in the hands of those with money, the hegemony oppresses the lower class by creating laws that supports the dominant groups interest. “Police
State” is a song written to wake up the African American proletariats to become aware of the system and instead of fighting each other come together as one and overcome the ideologies implemented on them. Although this nation is called the United States of America, the hegemony draws boundaries for cities so policeman can dictate and enforce laws to separate the social classes. In order to sustain power, the hegemony practices their powers by monitoring citizens through cameras, spy equipments, and the jail system. “Police State” written by Clayton Gavin and Mutulu Olugbala; performed by Dead Prez goes against the hegemony by describing the ways African American proletariats can unite to suppress the bourgeoisie. The song starts off with an excerpt from a speech by Omali Yeshitela who presents a cultural hegemony known as the “Police State.” This state consists of the “police department, the army, the navy, the prison system, and the courts.” These repressive organizations
(bourgeoisies) exercise their powers and control on the working class/proletariats by manipulating the idea of protection and promoting social and economic well being of their citizens. In reality these are superstructures that the bourgeoisies puts in place to keep the proletariats in check. “Police State” shouts many