Policing Essay

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The idea of policing rests upon the notion of maintaining public safety and implementing law and order. Deviance and civil order control are the main elements within policing that prevents individuals from straying away from societal and cultural norms as well as monitor any behavior or action that appears to be disturbing the tranquility within society (Dammer & Albanese, 2007) With regards to how different countries carry out their out unique set of laws, policing behavior and attitudes may differ. Policing in countries such as Britain, France, Germany, China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia will be briefly examined. While policing by consent can be viewed as a positive feature within Britain’s legal framework, one of the weaknesses is their lack of qualifications. With the …show more content…
In France, a unique element within their police force is a split division where one group operates within the Ministry of Interior while the other operates for the Ministry of Defense. Having two distinctive police force for different roles can be a strategic move to control crime and deviance; however, it can also be problematic when both divisions view one another as inferior. France’s history also entails revolutions from the working class against the elites. Thus, policing in France may also not be viewed as a positive entity by citizens as the police force exists to serve the elites. What is interesting about the police force is Germany is its many divisions that specializes in different areas of crime. While their main objective is to prevent different types of crime to occur, the police in Germany may cause an oversight to another lawbreaking happening much closer to home: hate crimes. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, many immigrants came to Germany to start a new life or for shelter; however, these actions have created a moral panic among the citizens of Germany that jobs will be taken away by