Political Science Summary Essay

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In this chapter the Affordable Care Act of Obama is explained as an act of power from the government. The power to tax for healthcare. Each citizen being required to self provisioned for one(s) self or family medical insurance. Failure to pay the medical insurance dues would result in a power to tax motion. The act is said to: protect wetlands against destructive development; regulating the food supply and demand of the citizens, protection for: women, ethnic and racial minorities and the disabled. Federalism, which a division of government powers both central and smaller units (states) use a system or implement new developments. Smaller governments are like counties. Including cities, towns, school districts are examples of places that make up a county. Federalism elements were shown through the Union of Utrecht in the Netherlands (1579). Federalism in today’s society is seemed as an American Intervention in which it carries its variety of forms internationally includes the US only 18 nations. 3 type’s unitary government: the state is controlled and empowered by the central government and turns exert power over citizens. US using a federal system where as the central government attain some power on certain specific issues, sharing power with the state. Confederal use limitations to central institutions leaving the governing to constituent states or units (counties). As a solution between a confederation governments federalism was used as middle – ground or medium to compromise. Federalism is in the roots of territory fairly conformed in religion, ethnicity, language and forms of government activity. Countries that engage in federalism would be countries such as: India, Pakistan, Russia and Brazil. Federalism is especially applies in the New United States. The Us constitution shows federalism through power being expressly to states, national government and the states playing highly effective roles in picking the office officials and in the national government. The national government provides the House of Representatives that are decided by the states. Each