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Popular American Culture and Me
Culture is a wide spectrum of beliefs, customs, art, technology, language, traditions and inventions that we have learned. Popular culture is basically the influences that form our dress, music, how we speak, what we buy, what we believe in and who we are right now. Three major trends in popular American culture are fashion, music and technology. Who we are as a people is greatly influence by what is popular today. We dress according to what we see in magazines or on television. We rush to the stores to purchase what we have seen in a music video worn by our favorite pop star. We long for the latest tennis shoes worn by Kobe Bryant or some other sports giant. We have to have the dress that we saw on the runway or in Vogue. Music influences our speech, dress, and thinking, whether it is pop, rap, contemporary, or gospel. It can motivate and influence our how we think and how we behave. Technology is the driving influence of them all. Tablets, i-phones, and the latest and greatest gadgets that has the latest and greatest features has all of us on a buying frenzy. We literally cannot leave home without it. If a new phone comes out in 6 months, we have to rush to the store to buy it even if it means camping out all night. We pay astronomical bills per month to have all of the features and apps. We have to buy 60 inch televisions, then 70 inch, then 80 inch to watch our favorite shows and we have to be connected to the internet on