Possession: Vice President of the United States and Student Council Vice Essay

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As Pedro once said, “If you vote for me, your wildest dreams will come true.” Good Morning everyone, my name is Alana Davidson and I am a candidate for student council vice president. I’m in 8th grade, and have been going to -- since 1st. Last year student council members did a great job of making our year at Anthony Wayne a memorable one. This year my goal as student council Vice President would be to make this year the best one yet.

I believe that am I am the most qualified candidate because I’m open to listening and advocating for the issues that are important to the middle school student body. One of my primary goals would be to solicit input from all of you on issues that are important and would make your middle school experience more positive. Based on the conversations I’ve had with many of you during my campaign, you’ve shared with me that you want for my student council vice predenticy. More fans, input on new computers, better dances and new themes are just some of the great ideas that you have brought to my attention. Whether its more fansI will ensure that our issues are brought to the attention of our school’s administration and potential solutions are discussed and implemented where possible.

I’m sure that when you started at -- you never envisioned spending your middle school years in --. However, I hope you agree that our sacrifice will be well worth it for us. One of my main goals is that there is frequent and meaningful communication regarding our new school and the many benefits it has to offer.

This year I am determined to work to my