Possible Alternative Outcomes Essay

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What's a role play ? Something you have to picture yourself as a particular character & play that part.

What was it about ? Wingham skatepark, to or not to have one.

What was the possible alternative outcomes ?
That we shouldn't have it.

What was the structure? We were given negation steps.


What was your role in the role-play? Media;
I wrote dow what the interviews said, twisted a few things around. I also picked out which place was good for video shooting,
Why did you choose that role? I don't mind writing, and I'm good with photography.

What did you contribute towards the success of your group?
I went around getting us people to interview, WIthout that we wouldn't have anyone to interview.

What did you learn about the communication of local communities ?
They're all in each others faces they don't agree on anything.

If you were to do this activity again list three things that you could of done better to improve your performance ;
Dig down deep into the feedback we were getting and turn into what we wanted people to think. Actually film this time and a paper microphone.


Who was in your group, What role did they have ?
Tash - asked the questions and did most of the talking, Trish took the video, Krystle had Trishs role when Trish was absent.

What was the aim and objectives of your group?
To interview people until they looked guilty and there face could almost say that they wanted the park for…