Essay on Post Partum Depression

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Postpartum Depression is a form of depression that takes place after a woman has given birth, it is also known as an escalated version of the “baby blues”. This form of depression normally comes from the overwhelming feeling of becoming a new mother and the stress that will involve raising your child, the sense of being responsible for someone other than yourself and assuring that this little person is going to be okay and well taken care of. Although there is no exact cause or found reason as to why some women are affected by this disease and others are not, many women suffer from this disease every day. There is a multitude of perspectives as to why women begin to develop the feelings of postpartum depression, lack of sleep, the feeling that they will have less “me” time, social and work relationships changing as well as the change in their body. Just like the initials feelings and possible causes of postpartum depression, there are symptoms that play a huge role in the disease; loss of concentration, lack of interest in ones everyday and normal activities, trouble sleeping, thoughts of suicide or death. (Cohen; 2010) This form of depression can cause a mother to due harm to her children and in some of the worse scenarios, she may even decide to take their life and/or her own. It is said that 80 percent of women will experience some form of postpartum depression within the first year of giving birth. (Levy, 2002)