post traumatic stress disorder Essay

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So does anyone have a family member that was in the army that came back from war and has post traumatic stress disorder? I bet you want to know a little more about it don’t you? Well post traumatic stress disorder is a psychiatric disorder that can occur following the experience of witnessing of a life threatening events such as military combat, natural disasters terrorist attacks, serious accidents, physical and sexual assault in adult or children. Your symptoms for PTSD are like your re-experiencing symptoms which is your reliving the traumatic event. Things that your going to be able to see in people with this symptom is for like a combat veteran hears a car backfire, a motor vehicle accident victim drives by a car accident. Or a rape victim sees a news report of a recent sexual assault. There’s also avoidance and numbing symptoms these are effects people make to avoid the traumatic event. They may avoid everything that reminds them of that all together. There’s also arousal symptoms they may have difficult sleeping, also might have out bursts of anger or irritability and may get physical quote from family of a vet copyright of 2014. They may also have difficulty concentrating for a long period of time. Don’t depend on them to much for the first month of them being home. Try to stay out of there way if they do wake up in the middle of the night. According to post traumatic stress disorder site copyright of 2007. Anyone who has gone through a life threatening event can develop PTSD with any traumatizing thing that will happen in there life you may not always get PTSD but you have to look for the symptoms. After the event you may feel scared, confused, or angry. According to military pathways copyright of 2014. War is a complex concept that is increasingly difficult to under stand particularly in an age that allows for live images of combat to be beamed around the world. World War I and II, the cold war, Vietnam, and the gulf war, millions of men fought some survived and live among us today. Unfortunately the war experience for many veterans is traumatizing and as a result many have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. This disorder is often quite mentally debilitating this then begs the question of the social implications of the disorder as well as whether this has anything on the war. PTSD is a branch of emotion that stems from stress or anxiety. Stress really is not unusual among us humans on a daily bases. It could happen with an argument something not go right anything. People with PTSD may experience paranoia, flashbacks, and struggle doing everyday activities. One veteran describes his experience his name not told. “In basic training, I felt wonderful. I felt physically perfect, mentally alert... naturally there was a certain amount of brainwashing that goes through basic training. They would constantly pound it into you that you have to kill to survive. You know, you are going to Vietnam and you are going to fight a war and all you are going to do is kill, kill, kill.” People who join the army and go on to basic training may at first feel “physically perfect” or like a machine. They really are unprepared for what they are really going to see and experience while at war. There not going to know what to expect when there hand to hand in combat when they come face to face with the