Potato: Oak Tree Essay

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Two people that were different in every way fall in love and got married. Ellie was outgoing and Carl was just a plain old Jane. They built their dream house together; they partially did everything together. Carl always talked with Ellie, listening and talking about anything at their favorite spot under an oak tree They even worked together at a zoo making children happy. One day at their favorite place, they talked like always. Then Ellie noticed signs that she was pregnant. They both started decorating the nursery and got everything for their little one. The next doctor’s appointment Ellie and Carl found out there was no heartbeat. Elle took it hard, so did Carl, but Carl helped Ellie to get her mind off it and on traveling to one place she always wanted to go. So they crossed their hearts and started saving money.
The jug labeled Paradise falls, was gaining more money day by day. On the way they would keep running into finance problems, so they had to bust the glass jug and start over. Time passed and Carl and Ellie got older. Over all this time they forgot about Paradise falls. One day Carl noticed and remembered his promise to Elle. So Carl bought tickets to paradise falls and was going to surprise Ellie at their favorite place by the oak tree
Happy as could be, Carl rushed up the hill to the oak tree but Ellie couldn’t make it up the hill, In a little white room while Ellie looked through the adventure book from when she was a kid. Carl agreed to come visit,…