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Skills for Succeeding in College

For some students, college is a chance to showcase their academic skills and prowess. For other students though, college can be a major uphill battle. The main difference between the students who succeed and the students who fail, is study habits. There are three key study habits that have a direct correlation to college success. These habits are not something that guarantees the success of scholars, however, they are merely tools to be utilized for success. If students apply these tools, which are as follows; time control, classroom note-taking and textbook study, the students will know a success in college not possible otherwise. The first skill in the trio of successful college habits is time control. Students must be able to manage their time effectively to prevail in college. This might seem like an obvious statement but many scholars do not know how to utilize their time appropriately. The first step is for students to make a monthly calendar at the beginning of the semester. They should highlight or circle important dates like exams and due dates. Next the pupils should place the calendar in a highly visible place so as not to overlook it. The second step is for the scholars to create a weekly study schedule. They should block out every hour of the day, from when they wake till when they go to sleep. The students need to assign times that they are going to study to this weekly calendar and adhere to it. Thirdly the students need to create “to do” lists. They should write down tasks needed to get done for that day and cross the items off the list as they are accomplished. Effective classroom note-taking is the second skill in the trio of successful college habits. Successful classroom note-taking is imperative for a student to prosper in college. The first step the students must take is to attend class regularly. There is little substitution for receiving the material first hand. While taking notes, students should become accustomed to abbreviating. This secondary skill will save time and ensure more detailed notes for the scholars. Being on the lookout for signals the professors give as to what material is import is another vital part of note-taking. The students must be able to take notes while paying attention to verbal ques and body language from the professors as to what is important. Writing down the instructors examples is another key to good note-taking. Students should be in the habit of writing down whatever the instructors put on the board. One of the most vital things for the scholars is to review their notes directly following class. By doing this it will help the students retain much more of the information from class. Lastly in the trio of skills is textbook study. For many college courses students are required to study and learn directly from a textbook. For some this can prove a daunting task. Textbook studying does not need to be a daunting task however. The students need to merely break down the way they