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Abstract Nuclear warfare is an ongoing topic that can occur at any given time during a war outbreak. Many countries have access to these weapons of mass destruction. These weapons date back to WWII when The United states had developed, what was at that time, the most powerful weapon. Now, since then, countries have been making all these weapons, trying to be the dominant country. Across the United States there are nuclear power plants where accidents have occurred since there debut in the 1950’s and not just in the U.S, around the world also. These plants have malfunctioned from not being taken care of very well or just a little accident that can cause a major problem. When these accidents occur, people that are nearby the plants die and billions of dollars are lost because of the repairs it would need, the damage it caused and the lives that were lost. The U.S is already in a lot of debt and it won’t help if nuclear reactors keep exploding. These bombs are a threat in our own community and threat to other countries which makes us a target if a war ever breaks out. Because of this, the U.S keeps nuclear warheads in their hands for defense but in reality it’s just giving us more trouble.

Overview Nuclear bombs are seen as dangerous and a threat to the world. When someone thinks of nuclear warfare they think about a war with bombs being launched all over the world creating chaos and potentially the end of mankind. These bombs put anyone at risk and are the most dangerous weapon that the military has in hand. It can potentially start another world war if it is used in a war. Many people think that we are safe against other countries because of our weapons but that is not the case for it can serve as a defense tactic against other threats in the world but it also puts a huge target on the United States for having a powerful weapon.
Since the bombing in WWII on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan, the U.S has been making bigger and