Essay on Practice Exam 1

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Choose four (4) of the following questions and answer them in short essay format. All questions are worth equal marks. (12.5 marks each)

QUESTION 1 (12.5 marks)
Discuss the key factors in the international environment that managers of emerging global organisations look to as threats to their international operations. Provide examples as appropriate.

International Environment is the management of business operations conducted in more than one country and usually outside of the organisations normal environment (out of the country).

Legal-Political Environment: Political systems the organisation may be unfamiliar with; dealing with the government. - Political stability - Quotas, tariffs and taxes - Law and
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Dunlop closed their manufacturing plant in Australia and decided to open one in Thailand and Malaysia, managers justified that decision on the basis that it produces greater good to the company as a whole.

Individualism approach promotes the individual’s best long term interests which will lead to the greater good. The action in which is intended to produce greater good than bad to the individual rather than other alternatives. This will in turn, lead to greater good as individual’s behaviour fits the standards of behaviour people wants towards themselves.

Moral rights approach defines the fact that human beings have rights and liberties that cannot be taken away by another individual. This approach suggests companies to maintain the rights of the people affected by it. Western countries give their people the right to have their own say (freedom of speech) and in some companies, they give their customers the freedom to speak and complain. Hence, the saying the customer is always right.

Justice approach is the moral decision based on equality, fairness and impartiality. There are 3 types of justice concerning managers: distributive justice where people should not be treated differently based on illogical characteristics such as gender. Procedural justice where rules should be administered fairly and consistently and Compensatory justice where individuals should be compensated for the cost of their injuries by the party responsible.