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Exam 1 Review Notes


50 questions, Multiple Choice. Similar format to practice exam.
Need to bring a #2 pencil.
Scantrons will be provided.

The goal is to have no trick questions. Answers will be straightforward and will not be convoluted. Normally, you can eliminate 3 of the 5 answers … if you are still confused go back to the question for a possible indication of what the correct answer is. Usually there will be a key word or phrase that will clue you in to the correct answer. There is not a “best” answer, there is a correct answer.

Practice exam questions are taken from a test bank and will not be the same questions on the exam. They are a good indication of the types of questions that will be on the test. They do not cover every topic that will be on the actual exam.

Approximately 70% of the test questions will be from the test bank and will be worded similarly as the practice exam.

Approximately 30% of the test questions will be written by Professor Dore.

Hint: Eliminate the obvious incorrect answers and reread the question for key words that will clue you in to the correct answer.

30% of questions will be application questions so know how to apply the terms and topics you studied. There will be no questions on the articles read for class.

What to Study

Know the major terms and concepts of the chapters. Know what they are and how to use them. You don’t need to necessarily memorize them, but understand the terms.

Videos: If it wasn’t discussed in class then it will not be on the test. However, anything mentioned in class is fair game. The questions will probably be about the major topics or key take-aways from the video.

Hint: If you watched the videos in class you should be fine. If you missed it, you may want to find someone with notes who can fill you in on what was discussed.

Lecture notes are also