Prayer In Public Schools Case Study

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The constitutional right to express freedom in religion is under attack from a culture so concerned with political correctness instead of the health of their fellow man/woman. The way the First Amendment addresses prayer in public schools has long been debated in religious, legislative and judicial circles, culminating with the Supreme Court ruling that students should be allowed to express their religious beliefs, but limiting any school requirements or schools official’s involvement in such expressions.
A number of states have laws that allow or even mandate a period of silence each school day for prayer or reflection. However some states have seen their versions of this law struck down in the courts, particularly when it was clear they were intended for prayer and not any nonspiritual purpose. In my home state of Alabama, the case of Wallace vs. Jaffree where a father of three children who attended a Mobile school
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In the last few years, the Supreme Court has grown more conservative on religious matters, specifically Justice Scalia, prior to his death, particularly expressing frustrations with how the Establishment Clause has been interpreted in past judiciary cases. In an interview on the television news program 60 Minutes, Justice Scalia, stated “religion plays an important role in the public square, and should not be excluded from it by a historically inaccurate construction of the Establishment Clause” (Mannino, 2013). In an effort to establish consistency, laws that are established with regards to this subject matter, should be constructed in a manner that brings about