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Annotated Bibliography

Passe, Jeff, and Lara Willox. “Teaching Religion in Americas Public Schools: A Necessary Disruption.” Social Studies. 2009.Vol. 100 Issue 3, p102-106. 5p. Print.

Graduate program Directors, Jeff Passe and Lara Willox, expressed that many teachers in schools try not to express their religion to students. They argue the fact that the criteria in school sometimes makes it hard to not go in depth of religious beliefs because of current events that surrounds them. The authors provide information about how teachers sometimes rather preach than teach, which will help me explain why religion is difficult to leave out of education even though it is a part of out history. This source would be helpful in finding how teachers react to the laws towards religion.

Feinberg, Walter. “Teaching Religion in Public Schools: Review of Warren A. Nord, Does God Make A Difference?” Educational Theory. 2013. Vol. 63 Issue 4, p431-438. 8p. Print.

Walter Feinberg, a professor of Educational Policy Study, states that religion has been an ongoing controversial subject in public schools for many years. He includes in the text why religion is a controversial issue in America. This source will be useful to some extent because the author is sometimes bias in some of his statements.

Thomas, Murray. Religion in Schools. Westport: Praeger, 2006. Print.

Thomas Murray is a professor at the University of California. His works are published by Praeger which is a well known for their professional development of secondary education, higher education, and public libraries. This book explains the history of country’s controversial background in religion. In Chapter 12, He talks about religion in United States and important court cases that surround the issues of religion. This book will be useful because it provides information about religious views between thte court and the citizens of America.

Barnes, Sandy. “Prayer in the Schools: The 1877-78 Devotional Exercise Controversy in New Haven.” Connecticut History Vol. 51. Issue 2 (2012) p203-233. 31p.