Pre-Professional Scholars Program: Applying To The Medical Field

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By applying to the Pre-Professional Scholars Program, you are applying to gain admission to professional school earlier than students who apply in the traditional way. Please indicate why you’re interested in your chosen profession. How do you see yourself being particularly suited to this field? What events and/or experiences have led you to your choice? This essay should be between 250 and 500 words in length From doctors that practice medicine as a routine to doctors that practice medicine for fame, the medical community needs passion. From my point of view, medicine is about exploring unusual conditions and taking care of patients physically and emotionally. In underdeveloped countries and war zones, people regularly lose family members and are deprived of proper medical care. For this reason, I aspire to conduct research and take part in humanitarian work to contribute to the welfare of society and advancements in medicine. …show more content…
Before the war, I wanted to become a doctor to earn a lot of money. As the war touched my life, I had a reason to volunteer with physicians to help war victims. First, finding a volunteering position at a hospital seemed unattainable as I was competing against students who had connections in the medical field. Then, I was able to volunteer at university hospitals. This volunteer experience gave me a general idea of what is expected in the medical field. I have decided to take a different approach in the medical field start advocating for the patients that are victims of war and impoverished individuals. I have decided to reach out to the global community to improve health