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To: Dr. Deborah Carmichael
Subject: Experience of my model United Nation meeting activity
The model United Nation is an activity for senior high school student which is similar as the meeting of the United Nation. In the meeting, we need talk about some historic or recent issue about the world. The meeting’s steps include stating issue; pointing the contradiction; discussing for the solving idea; arguing about the idea; deciding the ending idea for the issue. If we want to be succeeded in the activity, we have to find out a suitable idea to solve to problem and get enough agreements from others. Therefore, the idea must be thought deliberately from many directions and we should make sure the benefit of most of delegates.
I was not good at the English when I was grade ten and I wanted to develop my ability about the speaking and listening skills which are really awful for me as I know that the communication ability is very indispensable in the future when I get a job. Therefore, when my teacher told me that I got an opportunity to take part in an activity called the model United Nation meeting held in Boston during the winter vacation, I applied for it without hesitate. When I tried to know about the information about the meeting and my assignment in order to adapt my role well, I gradually found that it was an extreme challenge for me to entirely participate it, because I had to solve an issue which appeared in the history with the help of communication with others about personal opinions. In addition, the principal way to make most of people know what I was thinking is making a speech to state the situation on the stage. In fact, I seldom did speeches in front of more than one hundred people. However, in order to get more supports for my idea, I had to make the speech clearly which expressed my solution for the problem. I really had no confidence to attempt about it at all.
As for me, I extremely hate fail all the time. I was really afraid that I would be jeered by others delegates because of my poor representation. Then, I decided to spend half a month to search about the history background so that I could make sure I could play the role well to deal with the relationship with other people who delegate other country. At the same time, I also tried to know about the meeting rules in order to perform myself well. I clearly remembered that I delegated the Mongolia and issue was about preventing drug from spreading without restriction. What’s more, according to the situation in 1960s, my role should agree with Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. That’s mean I had to make the benefit for Mongolia and opposed to the capitalist countries. Actually, during the study, I also met some troubles which I had to know about the military and economic situation of all countries so that I could write a rational solution for the issue. It is so hard for me to find out a solution which won’t offend any country. Particularly, two camps were antagonizing each other at that time. After doing many researches, I even wrote drafts for my speech and recited it again avoid forgetting my view because of nervousness on the stage. Furthermore, I also thought some possible questions which would be raised by other delegates if they had any disagreements for my views through trying to refute myself. Actually, during the preparation I was tired every day, but I was glad for the opportunity to face the challenge which I had never experienced before and showed my ability to others.
The day before the meeting activity day, I felt so nervous on my bed and thought about how to make speech well. I could almost hear my heartbeat voice clearly. I had a sleepless night in fact. From time to time, I even got a thought that I stayed in my room all day and did not take part in the meeting. However, it is my character that bravely faces the challenge instead of escaping. Especially, I had paid such a lot time and effort for it and I hoped