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Preparing an Annotated Bibliography
Lai, I. K. W., & Lam, F. K. S. (2010). Perception of various performance criteria by stakeholders in the construction sector Hong Kong. Construction Management & Economics, 28, 377- 391. doi:10.1080/01446190903521515
Ivan Lai from Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau and Frankie Lam from University of South Australia, Adelaide used a research model based on nine performance benchmarks and their corresponding performances. The intent of this research is to analyze the participants concern about the significance of perceived performance criteria and their relevant performance results in a construction project. The data of total 324 practitioners who were engaged in construction
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The participants’ responses to the online modules were measured through eight question Likert-type scale with questions concerning the acceptability of the program under the scale of 1 (did not like) to 4 (liked very much). The information gathered was evaluated by means of a program called A 2 which is a sort of online module and A 4, which is a learning style analysis of variance. In his findings, Dr. Kozub discerned that there was no compelling difference in the attitude of students who used the text version in contrast to the enhanced version. He also uncovered that there was no indicative relationship between multimedia animations and student performances.
There was found a noticeable correlation between online test score and liking score, implying that the participants with higher scores on their online test had immense liking scores. The students who were affiliated with the enhanced version took a smaller amount of time to complete their module compared to those who took the text version. Dr. Kozub also found that there was no radical disparity in the students’ learning styles and their performance in the test scores because learning styles are not connected to the intellectual aptitude of students and therefore do not serve as a means for acumen. He lastly concluded that framing web based instructional programs to appeal each student is not essential to augment their achievement.